kompleksowa obsługa serwisowa sieci ciepłowniczych


The offer of our company includes a wide range of service works in the sector of heating. The offer includes such works as:

1. Airtight sealing of pre-insulated pipe joints:

  • Electric resistance welding method: open-type pipes (so called jacket pipes), and closed-type pipes (so called sleeve pipes). Welding is performed with the use of a computer controlled welding machine; it is possible to monitor the entire process of welding
  • heat shrinkable sleeve joints
  • traditional and radiation cross-linked joints
  • split steel joints

2. Machine-made insulation of joints and overhead networks with the use of a foaming machine.

Components of PUR foam are extruded under pressure in a precisely determined proportion and temperature. The method ensures that the foam obtains insulation parameters and strength which comply with normative requirements. This solution is perfect for refurbishment of old overhead networks where the entire damaged insulation along with all panel sheets has to be replaced. All works are performed on the construction site.

3. Installation of soft and hard insulation inside of facilities.

Depending on the requirements, we perform installations inside chambers, district heating substations, boiler rooms and other facilities, various types of thermal and acoustic insulation (e.g. armaflex, mineral wool, mats, pipe covering together with sheet panels, etc.).
4. Installation and control of impulse and resistance type alarm systems – BRANDES.

We offer:

  • design, supervision and commission of alarm systems with development of as-build documentation,
  • checking the condition of heat distribution networks,
  • complete measurement and identification of location of alarm system flaws with its documentation accompanied by printouts from a reflectometer,
  • installation of all types of devices for monitoring the condition of network insulation.

5. complete repair works of alarm systems along with earthworks and rebuilding works.

A qualified group of welders and fitters supervised by a licensed site manager replaces network elements such as T-pipes, valves, elbow pipes, etc.

6. Connection of heat network terminals to existing pre-insulated and traditional networks by means of hot tapping.

We perform hot tapping with NAVAL and BALLOMAX type valves by the use of original equipment of valve manufacturers. The method allows connecting a customer to the system in a short time without the need to empty the system out of heating medium. Applicable to diameter range of DN 20 to DN 200.

7. Airtight sealing of polyethylene pipe protective sleeves by the use of an extruder.

The method allows obtaining absolute insulating power of a pipe protective sleeve without the need to replace any section of a network. It also applies to airtight sealing of hot tapping and T-pipes for cold tapping.

8. Testing of welded joints by means of ultrasound NDT.

We perform testing of weld quality with the use of the Epoch 4 modern digital flaw detector manufactured by Olympus. An appropriate certificate issued by the Technical Supervision Office (UDT – CERT) confirms that our personnel is qualified for this task. In addition, we are developing our own testing laboratory to prepare appropriate instructions and procedures independently.

9. Technical consultations along with design of all types of sanitary systems.

The company closely cooperates with many designers from the wide construction sector. We offer complete services in design and supervision of construction of water supply and sewage systems, central heating, gas and ventilation networks. It applies to both external and internal installations.

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